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'Being a part of The Wishing Shelf Book Awards was a fantastic experience. Not only did it increase exposure to my book, and lead to more book sales and reviews, but the feedback from judges was superb and added real value to both my website and the Editorial section of my Amazon book page. Winning this award increased my credibility as an author and having a gold medal to position beside one's book is probably one of the most validating feelings an author can experience. I loved the group, and Edward runs a smooth, transparent and professional contest. It was an honor to take part and an even deeper honor to have been selected as the Gold Medal winner for Adult Fiction.'

E A Carter, author of The Lost Valor of Love

'I have been so looking forward to a review from your readers for my book, Lately Lesbian. I wish I could meet all of them in person and personally thank them for spending time with my book, following me down my life's path, and taking the time to write a heartfelt review! Thanks to you for everything you do to support authors! I have been delighted to enter the Wishing Shelf Book Awards, honored to be named a finalist, and to get valuable feedback from the reviewers!'

J. D. Simmons, author of Lately Lesbian

'I so really appreciate the feedback! It's incredibly valuable to read the reactions, particularly those from the target audience.
I would love it if you would post the Readers' Comments, Catchy Quote, Stats and Star Rating on, and Thank you so much.
You're doing a fabulous job on behalf of fledgling writers like myself. Keep up the awesome work!'

David Winship, author of The Moon Pigeon

'Thank you for the feedback and comments. It's great to know how my book was received. Since it was my first one to be published, being in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards as a finalist has boosted my confidence about writing and promoting my work. It was a great experience. Thank you for your support.'

Lynda Jolen, author of Professor Parro and the Liars and Thieves

'The Wishing Shelf Book Awards have been an invaluable step in my self-publishing endeavor. As a middle-grade author, having children in UK schools read and judge my book is an ideal way to determine whether I am on the right track with my writing and presentation, not to mention how helpful this is in marketing my book. I will be using my award and the feedback from the readers in my efforts to get involved in readings and talks at schools, as well as in my online marketing efforts to promote my book on my website and in Amazon and other bookseller listings.
Thank you again for organizing such a wonderful award.'

A M Robin, author of Hidden Scales

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