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'Thank you SO much for sending this to me - my day was MADE reading through the comments - thanks for taking the extra time to include all the helpful tips too. The Wishing Shelf Awards really were the best value for me, of all the awards I entered (and I probably entered more than I should've). Getting to read actual feedback from actual readers is super helpful and encouraging, and the whole process was really wonderful. Thanks for making my first awards experience a really great thing! I appreciate all you and the team have done!'

Devon Dial, author of Never A Mere Mortal

'I so appreciate your readers and the opportunity to be a part of your amazing book awards. I'm also very appreciative of their comments and suggestions. This is truly a wonderful opportunity for authors!'

Colleen Vanderzyden, author of Courageously You: Magical Mind Games to Get Unstuck and Reignite Your Joy

"You guys have been so exceptional for supporting us self-published authors. This has been the best book award I've ever entered. Thank you so much."

Mariam Latifi, author of A to Z of Mini Muslims

"Since placing as a finalist for Lady Apprentice and winning for The Lightness of Water, I’ve seen my % of book sales in the UK rise from ~2% to ~14% of the overall “pie”—and I attribute that to the publicity you and your team have been leading. It’s not been due to any increase in UK promos on my end."


Toni Cabell, author of The Lightness of Water

Dear Edward and The Wishing Shelf gang,

You saw the potential in my memoir, The Mother of All Dilemmas, when you named it a finalist. Your thoughtful reviews helped it get it into the hands of readers.

Some of those readers were so moved, they recommended it to Katie Couric. And a few days ago, my book was included alongside classics by luminaries Maya Angelou, Barbara Kingsolver, and the Dalai Lama on “37 Life-Changing Books You Won’t Be Able to Put Down”.

You have supported me and my book, and I am so honored to have a place on The Wishing Shelf. We all win with this recognition.

Thank you.

Kathleen Guthrie Woods

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