Previous Finalists

Choosing a Category

There will be four categories open to both fiction and non-fiction children's books, plus two categories for adult books.

Category 1

Pre-school picture books

Category 2

Books for 6 – 8 year olds

Category 3

Books for 9 - 12 year olds

Category 4

Books for Teenagers

Category 5

Books for Adults (fiction)

Category 6

Book for Adults (non-fiction)

The books can be hardback, paperbacks or ebooks. If your book is an e-book, no problem, send us a digital file (preferably PDF) and we can print it off this end.

Category 7

Audio Books

You can enter this category as an 'add on' category e.g. enter your book in, say, Category 4 (YA) plus, if you have produced an audio version of the book, also enter it in Category 7. Or, if you wish, you can solely enter Category 7 with the audio version of your book and no other category.

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