Previous Finalists

Rules To Enter The Awards

To enter this award, you and your book must meet the following criteria:

The book must be self-published or published by a small, independent or academic press.

The book must be predominantly in English and published in 2019, 2020 or 2021.

You must send your book(s) to us between the 1st January, 2021 and the 31st December, 2021. The judges' decision is final and will not be open to appeal.

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Win against con artists
and true love is yours.

Raindrops: How Meditation...
Searching for spiritual
stability and mental health.

Cuckoo Clock New York
Kindertransport-What happened
to the children in WW2?

Slimmer by Wendy Jayne
'This time she's determined
to lasso his heart.'

Addicted To Hate
Parent abuse can take on
many different forms...

A sword and sorcery
love story!

I Wish You Happiness
"Highly recommended"
- Billy Bob Buttons (5 Stars)

Anya and her Wings
'Enchanting! A FINALIST
and highly recommended' TheWSA