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250 Comments from Authors/Publishers

'Thank you for the feedback, and I would love for you to share it on any of the social media and commercial networks you mention in the email.

I also want to mention: I did not realize that the Wishing Shelf had invited teen readers to comment on YA submissions. I think this was a wonderful decision on your part, as youth will have the best ability to respond to literature that is about them and that speaks to them... for all this, however, this is the first contest I have entered to have taken such an approach. I am so glad that you did.'

Connor Coyne, author of Urbantasm, Book One: The Dying City

'Thank you so much for this fabulous feedback. Yes, please do put the content on Goodreads and BookBub. I loved seeing that my readers were young people! Thanks again for your amazing efforts.'

Lisa Braver Moss, author of Shrug

“Once a book is written, it needs to be discovered. The ability to illustrate the bronze medal in my marketing gives VANOPS: THE LOST POWER an edge over the competition. The Wishing Shelf Awards were professionally run and the bonus feedback was helpful, too. Enter your book today!”

Avanti Centrae, author of the international award-winning VanOps thriller series

'As you can imagine, Edward, I am thrilled with my feedback. Please post my feedback on the sites you mentioned. I look forward to next year with the final book in my saga.

You are a phenomenal force with the diligent work you put into this contest. I appreciate and admire you!'

M B Gibson, author of Harps Upon the Willow

'Edward, this is truly outstanding!

First, let me take you up on the kind offer of a rating/review on Goodreads and Amazon UK - truly you and the Wishing Shelf crew understand the value of reviews and comprehensive critique, both of which are in evidence in the feedback form.

I have already recommended your services to three authors, and will certainly continue to do so, as well as shouting out these amazing quotes across social media.'

Ken Mora, author of Caravaggio: A Light Before The Darkness

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