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Valentine to Faith

By Victoria Foyt

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3rd January 2022
TITLE: Valentine to Faith
AUTHOR: Victoria Foyt
Star Rating: 4

‘A wonderfully written literary novel populated with mesmerising characters. I was enthralled. Highly recommended.’ The Wishing Shelf

Allow me to begin by saying this is a very good novel. It’s not often I get to enjoy such a cleverly plotted story with such literary merit. Valentine to Faith is the gripping tale of a woman (Angel) who must face her abusive past in order to prevent her daughter from making the same mistake she did. This book is a study of character, abuse, vulnerability, and intimacy. The writing style is delightful; I’d call it a ‘slow burner’, the author taking her time to develop her characters so the reader can truly get to know them.
The first word I thought of when I read this novel was ‘struggle’. Not that it was a struggle to read, but the story looks at the ‘struggle’ of a single mother trying to do the best for her daughter. The author also works hard (successfully) to explore the terrible struggle women often face with ‘abuse’; In many ways, the author is exploring the curbs and limits forced on women by the community they live in. The protagonist ‘feels’ so very much – all of the time – and it was this intimacy with the central character I enjoyed the most.
To sum up, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Admittedly, it’s a little slow going at the beginning, but for the most part it’s superbly written – and the sprinkling of shell facts adds considerable charm. Most readers, particularly women, will find it gripping; the sort of book to get lost in; the sort of book which allows you to get to know every character very, very well. Also, I suspect, many will find this story helps them to reflect on the strength of a mother/daughter bond. This, in many ways, is a book to curl up on a sofa with; the sort you recommend to a pal; that gets tatty corners as it’s read so much.

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