Below is a list of the 2014 WINNERS in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. The children's books were read and judged by children in 8 UK primary and secondary schools, the adults books by 2 Reading Groups, 1 in London and 1 in Stockholm. The books were marked according to EDITING, THEME, STYLE, COVER and, in the case of many of the children's books, ILLUSTRATIONS. If you happen to be looking for a good read, the readers at The Wishing Shelf Awards thoroughly recommend the following:

CATEGORY 1 Pre-School Picture Books
GOLD GG and Mamela, Belinda Brock
SILVER Stonely's Pet Dinosaur, Naomi Burman-Shine
BRONZE Curious Creatures, Kevin Price

CATEGORY 2 books for 6 – 8 Year Olds
GOLD Ginger the Gangster Cat, Frank Kusy
SILVER Cell Wars, Amanda Miles
BRONZE Golbo the Spider's Amazing Vacuum Cleaner Adventure, Faiz Kermani

CATEGORY 3 books for 9 – 12 Year Olds
GOLD Shadow Jumper, J M Forster
SILVER Frankie Dupont and the Mystery of Enderby Manor, Julie Grasso
SILVER Manchester United, Tales From History, Philippe Glogowski
BRONZE Esme Dooley, Jane Donovan, Rosie McTozy
BRONZE The Dragon's Egg (Book One): Relics of Mysticus, H.B. Bolton
BRONZE Christmas Nevermore, Marc Cadieux

CATEGORY 4 books for Teenagers
GOLD The Chronicles of Guiamo Durmius Stolo, Book 1, 2, 3 and 4, Marshall Best
SILVER DECAY, Mark Lingane
SILVER Cairn: A Dragon Memoir, Rebecca Ferrell Porter
BRONZE Joshua of Gaia: The Lost Elderzamia, M G Russell
BRONZE Xyz, Frank Lambert
BRONZE Running Through A Dark Place, Michael Bowler

CATEGORY 5 books for Adults (Fiction)
GOLD 1066, What Fates Impose, G K Holloway
SILVER Shell House, Gayle Eileen Curtis
SILVER Blazing Obsession, Dai Henley
BRONZE Kybernos, M.J.A Watney
BRONZE To Catch a Butterfly, Tina Payne
BRONZE A Just and Upright Man, R J Lynch

CATEGORY 6 books for Adults (Non-Fiction)
GOLD Almost Invincible, Suzanne Burdon
SILVER Grumpy old Menopause, Carol E Wyer
SILVER The Hollywood Clown, Jason Lassen
BRONZE Churchill's Rebels, Meredith Whitford
BRONZE Incredible! Plant Veg, Grow a Revolution, Joanna Dobson
BRONZE The Boy From Hell: Life with a Child with ADHD by Alison M Thompson

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