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As of next year, all the gold, silver and bronze medal winners will be getting a wonderful medal in a very sweet-looking box. Individually designed by, er - well, me, they look fab! Edward

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Moving Beyond Unspoken Grief
Winner Eric Hoffer Award
"A candid and poignant memoir"

THE DRY by Rebecca Nolen
This book is a feast
for the senses.

The Adventures of Fawn Book 1
"Should be made into a film"
"A great read for any age"

Looking Glass Friends 
3 times award winner!
Poetic love story.

Uncle Matty Matt’s Bistro
Uncle Matty and the Piggies
cook up a delicious surprise.

Shattered Lies
“Poignant tale of bigotry,
deceit, and betrayal.”

Fairy Dust, Bedtime Tale #1.
A Finalist (6-8 yrs)
and Highly Recommended.

WOW! Wonderfully childlike!
Now a child can learn NUMBERS!

ABSENCE, Whispers and Shadow
’A superbly plotted fantasy.’
An epic paranormal fantasy.

The Ride of Doom
A wonderfully fun, exciting
magical adventure.