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'Being a finalist boosted my confidence that yes, I can write a book that people want to read. Even more than that, Wishing Shelf got my book into the hands of actual teen readers, the target audience. I know a lot of former teens (some more recent than others) but not that many current teens. The young readers' comments confirmed that I am writing for the people I think I'm writing for. All the more reason to finish up the sequel!'

Karen Eisenbrey, author of The Gospel According to St Rage

'I entered the Wishing Shelf Awards after careful research. I'm wary of online writing contests, having seen so many authors ripped off. I found WSA on a list which rated competitions by value and by how ethical the administrators are. In other words, it was all about whether the competition was for profit or for the love of writing. The WSA rated highly, so I went for it.

The whole process has been brilliantly transparent. Edward (Billy Bob Buttons) keeps you up to date throughout, by email and on social media, and every step of the judging system is made clear. He's very obviously doing this for the love of it.

Speaking of judging, I've started writing for children and I've had a few wobbles confidence-wise because most of the people who have reviewed my book are grown-ups. Some of them suggested the language was too difficult for little ones. Enter the Wishing Shelf judges - a group of 7 to 9-year-olds, in my case. The fact these youngsters (and their teachers and a parent) decided to award the book a Gold medal is a huge vindication. It proves children know what they like and they also enjoy a challenge.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to them and to Edward for organising the whole awards. I'm proud to have been involved.'

Rhian Waller, author of Ship Rats

'The Wishing Shelf awards are a wonderful key component to any author/illustrator wanting to stretch into not only good promotion, but for the very fact of receiving down-to-earth, honest opinions and feedback about your book. This is so important to creative growth and inspiration. Expect Edward Trayer to handle your work with TLC and any questions are always followed up on quickly. What a fantastic community and a terrific springboard for success!'

Raven Howell, author of A Star Full of Sky

'As a first time author I found the awards surprising. I did not expect the camaraderie that was shown from fellow authors. This really made a difference and the respect for the awards was really evident from all. Extremely well organised and the biggest value of all is the feedback from my target audience. A great experience all round.'

Sally V. Parker, author of Super Sal, How To Be Kind To Animals

'The Wishing Shelf Book Awards has been an unbelievable experience. Edward and the faculty provide wonderful feedback for your book and they go out of their way to answer your questions in a concise and timely manner. My book won the Bronze medal and I could not be more pleased with the process. I would recommend this award process t any independent author who wants an honest feedback and insight into their book.'

Kevin Poplawski, author of Eli's Magic Moment

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