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'The Wishing Shelf awards are a wonderful key component to any author/illustrator wanting to stretch into not only good promotion, but for the very fact of receiving down-to-earth, honest opinions and feedback about your book. This is so important to creative growth and inspiration. Expect Edward Trayer to handle your work with TLC and any questions are always followed up on quickly. What a fantastic community and a terrific springboard for success!'

Raven Howell, author of A Star Full of Sky

'As a first time author I found the awards surprising. I did not expect the camaraderie that was shown from fellow authors. This really made a difference and the respect for the awards was really evident from all. Extremely well organised and the biggest value of all is the feedback from my target audience. A great experience all round.'

Sally V. Parker, author of Super Sal, How To Be Kind To Animals

'The Wishing Shelf Book Awards has been an unbelievable experience. Edward and the faculty provide wonderful feedback for your book and they go out of their way to answer your questions in a concise and timely manner. My book won the Bronze medal and I could not be more pleased with the process. I would recommend this award process t any independent author who wants an honest feedback and insight into their book.'

Kevin Poplawski, author of Eli's Magic Moment

‘The Wishing Shelf Book Awards has been such a tremendous wonderful experience for me! Not only have I been given the honor of receiving the Bronze medal for my 1st children’s book, but I am totally overwhelmed by the valuable feedback that has been provided by the students and teachers! The reviews are so informative and will help me a great deal in the future since I am a brand-new author. I am extremely grateful for the knowledge and advice obtained from the students, the teachers and The Wishing Shelf Book Award staff.’

Leea Baltes, author of Goodnight Wishes!

'Entering The Wishing Shelf Book Awards has been an extremely rewarding experience. The submission process was clear and easy, the updates timely, and the feedback and tips were fair and relevant. Knowing that actual children, parents, and teachers were involved in the judging process of the children's book categories gives a real-world authenticity to the valuable information each author receives. The Wishing Shelf Book Awards was proposed to me by a fellow author. I'm so pleased I followed through, moved out of my comfort zone, and entered my first children's book. All my communication with Mr. Edward Thayer, founder of The Wishing Shelf Book Awards, has been professional as well as pleasant. I highly recommend The Wishing Shelf Book Awards!'

Sheri Wall, author of An Omelet for Evan

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TAILS, Finalist 9-12 yrs
'A magical story that
children will love.'

Djabali’s Journey
A kid’s storybook about
courage and friendship.

Two Spoons of Bitter
A story of love,
betrayal and redemption

Ninja Spy Cats by R.F. Kristi
★★★★★ Love it! Absolutely
adored this book! (AMAZON)

White Plains 
"The plot moves at a
breathtaking pace"

Entrada Publishing
Offering beta reading,
editing and editorial reviews.

Uncle Matty Matt’s Bistro
Uncle Matty and the Piggies
cook up a delicious surprise.

Fairy Dust, Bedtime Tale #1.
A Finalist (6-8 yrs)
and Highly Recommended.

The Candy Judge 
**** ’Fun, educational...
beautifully illustrated...’

The power of stories, a global
history of storytelling

Twelve: A Date with Obsession
A gripping psychological
thriller from Alan Reynolds

Moving Beyond Unspoken Grief
Winner Eric Hoffer Award
"A candid and poignant memoir"

Ship Rats
Set sail for thrills & danger!
(for kids 7 - 10)

THE DRY by Rebecca Nolen
This book is a feast
for the senses.

The Conquistador's Horse
One boy, one horse,
one destiny.

Word of the Week: Volume one
A wry examination of the
words we think we know.