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WSBA is a well-run contest that uses independent readers, both male and female, as judges. I appreciated that the contest laid out and then followed an exact time table. The feedback I received was thorough and covered three important C’s: content, characters, and cover. Because the contest has no self-interest or profit-driven agenda, as many contests do, the integrity and objectivity of the comments held real value for me. While the feedback held no surprises, it did reinforce areas I know I need to improve. Thanks to everyone involved for a valuable experience.’

Karen Hasley, author of Magnificent Farewell

I am so proud to have had my books chosen as a finalist for two consecutive years. The feedback its always helpful and I love to hear from real people who read and enjoy the books and best of all our Character Zuma the Dog.

Samantha Bertish, author of Zuma the Dog

’Thanks for the opportunity to enter The Wishing Shelf Awards. The entry fee was very reasonable and for not much more, I appreciated being able to get the option of obtaining reader feedback, a catchy quote, and having a review posted to amazon u.k,, as well as good reads. All are very valuable to an author. I shall remember Wishing Shelf awards for my next book and have no trouble recommending the event to other authors seeking worthwhile contests to enter. I only wish I had won! But getting selected as a Finalist wasn’t bad either! Thank you!!’

S.J. Francis, Author of Shattered Lies

’It was wonderful and very encouraging to read all the comments. I hope it encourages some more people to read my book!:) The whole process of entering your competition was very exiting.. not only for me, but my whole family!’

Sally Alce, author of Do You Dream of Dinosaurs

’The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards is an extremely detailed and supportive competition with many layers of benefits to each contestant.  As a writer in the early part of my career, I have found the promotion and the critiques extremely valuable for the books that I entered, as well as future books currently in the works.  I highly recommend the whole experience to new, intermediate and seasoned writers.’

Regan Macaulay, author of Beverlee Beaz the Brown Burmese

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