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'We feel so fortunate to have discovered the Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards. Having feedback directly from teens and young adults, while writing for their age group, is invaluable! Learning what these young judges think about pacing, character development, plotting, and perhaps most importantly, whether they would read another book in the series, provided guidance, support, and encouragement as we finish up book two in our western steampunk series. Thank you, Edward! Thank you, judges!'

Janet Fogg and Dave Jackson, Misfortune Annie and the Locomotive Reaper

'Am so glad I managed to get my entry in at the very last minute because this whole experience with the Wishing Shelf Book Awards has been fantastic! My YA ExtraOrdinary was a finalist which was a huge buzz, but by far the best part was receiving the feedback - an analysis of my story that came direct from the readers. The communication and organisation from Billy has been superb, and I can't thank him enough for running these awards. The opportunity it presents for independent authors is incalculable. Will certainly be entering again in the future.'

Danielle K Girl, author of ExtraOrdinary

'The Wishing Shelf Book Awards was a great opportunity to get important feedback from readers I want to reach. My children’s book, If Roses Were Blue, may not have claimed one of the top honors, but I am absolutely thrilled with your red ribbon award! As you know, I tackled a challenging subject that needs to be talked about and I am happy it has received such high marks and positive comments from children, teachers, and parents. And, thank you Edward Trayer (aka Billy Bob Buttons) for creating such a unique venue for writers. Your dedication, hard work, and good humor kept us current throughout the review process and the resulting feedback was more detailed than I expected. I highly recommend the Wishing Shelf Book Awards to other writers. It was a great experience!'

Debbie Jenae, author of If Roses Were Blue

'The readers' comments are the true validation I was seeking for Tails.
Thanks for managing this awesome service and I'm so glad to be part of the Wishing Shelf Awards.'

W J Scott, author of Tails

'Receiving feedback from young readers about my book Time Shifters was both invaluable and wonderful. Honest responses from my target readership of 9-12 year-olds was worth ever penny of the fee to enter the awards. Being the Gold Winner in my book’s category was the icing on the cake.'

Kate Frost, author of Time Shifters

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The Frog Who Was Blue
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Poems of love, loss
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