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'Hi Edward, this is all really great news and great feedback. We felt that we hit the mark and the feedback affirms that, which gives us independent confirmation from others rather than just our own feelings about the book. We don't get a lot of feedback through other channels so it's really great to hear from readers, especially hearing directly from the kids as well. We used the finalist logo to promote the book on social media, and the post got a lot of attention and raised more credible awareness of the book. I think the fact that people can also go to your website and see that the award program is genuine and well organized supports the credibility factor.'

Todd Skene, author of N is for Nutrition

"The Wishing Shelf Awards are really special for an author because they offer an opportunity to connect directly with your audience and get actual reader feedback on your writing and illustrations. Also, kudos to the Billy Bob for his tireless efforts to promote independent children's literature."

The Wrong Stripes, Arjun Rihan

'I would highly recommend the Wishing Shelf Book Awards. It is a great opportunity for writers to get valuable feedback from a cross section of reading groups which is very informative and helpful to smaller authors trying to understand their audience. The organiser Edward has undoubtedly gone out of his way to support his entrants by offering the extras such as advertising on Goodreads, all invaluable for smaller presses, and self published authors. This alone is a great boost but being a finalist or winner can only help to market the work. Thank you.'

Cinderella's Other Shoe, Philippa Rae

'You are doing good work through the Wishing Shelf Book Awards. It is unparalleled. There is no other literary competition that is as open and approachable. There is no other more grounded. There is not one that watches more closely over both the simultaneous needs of its recipient readers, and its contributing authors. I cannot fully fathom the full weight of the time and commitment required to bring it to fruition, year after year, but I, as many others, am grateful for it, and for your commitment to it. If it did not exist, we would desperately need for it to be created.'

Stephen Wagner, author of Time Sheets

'The Wishing Shelf Book Awards Program is a well-run, credible book awards program. The organizer and founder, Edward, communicates with his contest entrants on a regular basis both through regular emails and on its Facebook page, The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Award. Where the program goes above and beyond other independent book award programs, is that the awards program is part of encouraging a community of independent authors in a collaborative and supportive spirit. Amidst a multitude of contests aimed at independent authors, the WSBA program is consistently ranked as credible, good value for the money, and ethical. I recommend the Wishing Shelf Book Awards Program without reservation, and am glad I was able to find out about it.'

Katrina Shawver, author of Henry: A Polish Swimmer’s True Story of Friendship from Auschwitz to America

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