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'I have entered several ( ALLI recommended) writing contests since I published A Sparrow Falls in Nov. of last year. Yours, by far, gives the most “bang for my buck.”
The number of readers(judges) and including demographic information in feedback is superior to any other…even some that I paid a higher fee in order to get feedback was not as thorough.
I suspect my “Finalist” sticker displayed on the cover will carry as much clout as if I had received a "Winner” designation. I highly recommend that entrants opt for the enhanced package. The feedback, catchy quote and reviews are well worth the extra fee.'

A Sparrow Falls, Vicki Olsen

"The Wishing Shelf Awards is one of a kind. It's the only award that gives you focused feedback from your readers.
For all authors that enter, sincere feedback from your audience is a reward all by itself. Winning an award is the icing on the cake. I wish all awards were this nicely run."

Segun O. Mosuro, author of Monday's Ball

'The Wishing Shelf Book Awards competition was helpful to me in many ways. First of all, it's a legitimate competition, where books are fully considered and judged, and importantly, it is non-profit. Many awards out there are money-making scams and give nothing back to 99.99% of the entrants, and even then, many still make the winners pay to receive their "award stickers." If The Wishing Shelf Book Awards believes that your book needs more polish, they will advise you of this and not even permit you to enter the contest, meaning they won't let you waste your money. This contest is first and foremost a competition to help authors improve their craft and advance their careers by providing feedback to every entrant (with most contests you may never even receive a notice that winners were selected) and giving true benefits to finalists and winners alike. Winners receive gorgeous, high-quality medals (my teenagers were impressed, which is saying something), publicity and promotion, and of course, the ability to claim an awarding-winning status. Most important of all, becoming a winner in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards competition provides validation and a boost to an author's often fragile self-confidence.'

Jennifer Greenhall, Resonance

"Entering The Wishing Shelf Book Award has really been a positive experience. To have my book read by people "out there" while waiting for the reviews from them was truly exciting, and I was glad that Billy Bob Buttons kept us updated about the process on a regular basis. He puts a lot of effort into this award, and it is easy communicating with him. For me it has been helpful to receive feedback that tells me that readers have experienced the book, and its main character, the way I hoped they would. I will definitely enroll more books into this award."

Lin-Marita Sandvik, author and creator of the Tor the Bear

'I haven't taken full advantage of the marketing side of being a Wishing Shelf finalist yet, but I'm absolutely delighted to have the finalist sticker on the front of my book and I've no doubt it will help me sell more copies. This was my first children's book, and to have received such lovely feedback from the judges it makes me feel I must be doing something right, and it's spurred me on to get my next book completed. I'll definitely be entering the Wishing Shelf Awards again soon, and I have recommended the awards to other authors I illustrate for.'

Wish Upon a Shooting Star, J. C. Perry

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