Below is a list of the 2016 FINALISTS in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. The children's books were read and judged by children in 8 UK primary and secondary schools, the adult books by 2 Reading Groups, 1 in London and 1 in Stockholm. The books were marked according to EDITING, THEME, STYLE, COVER and, in the case of many of the children's books, ILLUSTRATIONS.

The WINNERS will be announced on April 1st, 2017.

If you happen to be looking for a good read, the readers at The Wishing Shelf Awards thoroughly recommend the following:

Category 1: Pre-school picture books
Monkeys on the Beach
David C Hoffman and Ceci Bard
A Fish in Foreign Waters, A Book for Bilingual Children
Laura Caputo-Wickham and Pamela Goodman
How Popcorn the Bear Found His Name!
Debbie Howard
Popcorn the Bear & Biscuit's Odd Ears!
Debbie Howard
Popcorn the Bear & the Mysterious Snowman!
Debbie Howard
The Loveliest of all was the Froggicorn
Kay Green and Katy Jones
Zuma the Dog: Zuma the Dinosaur Guy
Samantha Bertish
Beverlee Beaz the Brown Burmese
Regan W. H. Macaulay
The Number Story 1 / The Number Story 2
Miss Anna
Zak and Jen's Astronomical Adventures: The Petal Planet
Natalie Page, (Illustrator, Chris Rivers Nuttall)
Piccadilly and the Waltzing Wind
Lisa Anne Novelline
Mikey and the Swamp Monster
Jeanne Moran
The Amazing Adventures of Melissa Bee
Aimée Lissantheia, Tim Lukowiak (Illustrator)
One Fine Summer's Night
Kevin Price

Category 2: Books for 6 - 8 year olds
Tales of Mr. Snuggywhiskers: The Spring Tales (Volume 3)
C F Crawford (Author), L H Crawford (Illustrator)
Christmas Cats
R F Kristi
Terry John Barto
Weeds in Nana's Garden
Kathryn Harrison
Simon Cup's Box
A. B. Syed
Finnigan the Circus Cat
Mary Wagner
I Thought I'd Teach Myself to Shave
Sam Blake, A T Davidson
Atalanta, Simon Spence
Colm Lawton
Horace Burp, Lizard Boy Hero
Christine Tennent
One Little Black Nose
Clare Passingham and Amy Brown

Category 3: Books for 9 - 12 year olds
The Cats Who Crossed Over from Paris
R F Kristi
The King of Average
Gary Schwartz
Jodie and the Library Card
Julie Hodgson
Zombie RiZing First Season
Matt J Pike
Bending Willow
Jacci Turner
The Beat on Ruby's Street
Jenna Zark
The Mad Moon Mission
Andrew Guile
All-In-One: Grades 1-3
Rachel Billings
Mars Misson
Christopher Peter
Billy Saves the Day
James Minter
Mandigo and the Hellhounds
Anders Reemark
Bumbling Bea
Deborah Baldwin
Stealing Magic
Alex C Vick
My Aunt Manya
José Patterson
Crime Cats: Missing
Wolfgang Parker
Star Sapphire and the Land of the Gems, The Ride of Doom
Anthony Pardoe
Legend of the Forest Beast
Don Winn
Arnie Jenks and the House of Strangers
Tim Bradley
My Last Summer on the Moon
Sung-Jin Kang
Creepy, Funny & Just Plain Weird: Stories and poems for kids
Maranda Russell

Category 4: Books for Teenagers
The Grey Eyed Storm: The Occuli, Book One
Christie M. Stenzel
Rimrider (Rimrider Adventures Book 1)
L A Kelley
Life After the Undead
Pembroke Sinclair
Resist: Book Two of the Resistance Series
Tracy Lawson
Amanda Lester and the Pink Sugar Conspiracy
Paula Berinstein
Up, Back and Away
K. Velk
Thomas Silent
Ben Gribbin
Diamonds at Dusk
Catalina Claussen
The Gospel According to St Rage
Karen Eisenbrey
Calamity Jane: How the West Began
Bryan Ney
C.L. Lynch
Voyage of the Defiance
S E Smith
Dust: Before and After
S E Smith
The Road to Kalbakar
Paul E. Horsman
The Grid 1: Fall of Justice
Paul Teague
Crystin Goodwin
The Dragons' Chosen
Gwen Dandridge
The Yellow Hoods, Along Came a Wolf
Adam Dreece

Category 5: Books for adults (fiction)
Pages in the Wind
Sally Saylor De Smet
Anne McAneny
M J Rhodes
Backwoods Ripper
Anna Willett
Silvana The Greening
Belinda Mellor
Finding Miranda
Iris Chacon
Blood Dragons
Rosemary A Johns
Wrinkled Heartbeats
Temple Emmet Williams
She Dies at the End
A. M. Manay
Toru: Wayfarer Returns
Stephanie R. Sorensen
Magnificent Farewell
Karen J. Hasley
Hemingway, Three Angels, and Me
Jerome Mark Antil
Twice as Long, Half as Bright
J D Turner
Expired Listings
The Rose Within - A Gothic Romance
Sana Pirzada
Legacy of Hunger
Christy Nicholas
The Allure of the Red Wyrm
Mike Williams
The Carlswick Conspiracy
S L Beaumont
Cuckoo Clock New York
Elisabeth Marrion
High Hopes
Sue lilley
The Battle of Jericho
Walter Marks
Waking the Merrow
Heather Rigney
Educating Creatures
Mike Williams
Shattered Lies
S J Francis
The Body on the Barstool (A Top Shelf Mystery)
Lolli Powell
In a Gilded Cage
Susan Appleyard
The Fridge Drawings
D. Bunyan
Cult Fiction
James Dwyer
Absence - Volume One: Whispers and Shadow
J B Forsyth
Irish Secrets
Paula Martin
Pride's Children: PURGATORY
Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt
Fall of the Cities: Planting the Orchard
Vance Huxley
The EvoAngel
Ellen King Rice
Nine Lifelines: A Psycho Cat and the Landlady Mystery
Joyce Ann Brown
The Migrant Report
Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar
Daughter of Destiny (Guinevere's Tale: Book 1)
Nicole Evelina
Camelot's Queen (Guinevere's Tale: Book 2)
Nicole Evelina
Grendel's Mother: The Saga of the Wyrd-Wife
Susan Morrison

Category 6: Books for Adults (non-fiction)
Sightseeing in the Undiscovered Country
Louisa Oakley Green
The Elephant In The Mirror
Annette Earl
Cruising the Mediterranean
Sunny & Al Lockwood
Into Africa with 3 Kids, 13 Crates and a Husband
Ann Patras
Part of the Family, Christadelphians, the Kindertransport, and Rescue from the Holocaust
Jason Hensley
Valley Speak: Deciphering the Jargon of Silicon Valley
Rochelle Kopp
The Young Skin Diet: Science-Based Recipes & Treatments to Reveal Your Best Skin Ever
Michelle Lee
Deliverance Mary Fields
Miantae Metcalf McConnell
Maternity Leavers: what to do about work now you're a mum
Soozi Baggs
Fire-Floats and Fireboats
David C Pike
The Little Book on CBT for Depression
Dr James Manning, Dr Nicola Ridgeway
The Baby Files
Alisa Yingling
The Spirit of the Hedgerow
Jo Dunbar
Book Blueprint: How any entrepreneur can write an awesome book
Jacqui Pretty
90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet (...or more)
Felice Cohen
Dad FC: Debut Dads - The First Season of Fatherhood
Alex Goss
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